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True Friendship Voyage

1.The people with similar interest,colleagues in same workplace,same location,likely character can be bonded with friendship tag.

2.Live like min and sec hand. Never walked alone.

3.Deepest sorrow can also be given by a friend.

4.Absent of a friend in single day makes our absence for a year while.

5.Highest confident, Daily born fresher,ever happiness can be cultivated daily with a true friend.

6.A friend is our best well wisher.

7.Share personal feelings beyond family members.

8.Everyone is incorporated with this special person in their life..

9.Tagging us in social media is a best soul jovial game.

10.Disesteem them by their family members. But true friend will never give up.

11.Make outlook jealous by their affection.

12.Similar family background.

13.Choose same School and College and make their friendship bond more stronge.

14.Ever make group study and even score the same mark.

15.Timely click of grubby words. Special Birthday wishes at night. Renovate their worthless path.

Friendship voyage decline grief

1.Trust become unworthy.

2.Money plays a double side game.

3.Trash talker and cornering to showcase their smartness.

4.Ego when problem competes.

5.Rarely situation wins the friendship bond..

Friendship - life liker

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